Instructor L. Natalie Uno

Instructor L. Natali Uno

Originally from Sydney, Instructor Uno is a Taekwon-do instructor in children's program. She has been training in Taekwon-do as a student of Master William Kwok and teaching children since 2013. Instructor Uno has also taught Taekwon-do to children from ages 2 to Pre-K at various locations for Preschool of America. Seeing a need for a program for developing children, she created Big & Little Warriors, a Taekwon-do program for ages 2-3 years designed to advance motor and mental skills.

Instructor Uno is attending City College, where she pursues her studies in Childhood Education. In 2017, Instructor Uno was the winner of The Stark English Composition Award from the English Department of the City College of New York for her winning paper, "Traditional Martial Arts: Timeless in the Modern World". Working with children means never having to "work" another day! As well as teaching children, Instructor Uno has a background in literature and performing arts. She is honored to be a part of the Gotham Martial Arts community.

Our Programs
At Gotham Taekwon-do, all teachers are personally trained by Headmaster Kwok. Our students' growth and safety are our top priorities.
Teaching Philosophy
Our evidence-based curriculum consists of practices that have been examined through rigorous research.
Little Heroes
Little Heroes (Ages 3-5) program is designed to enhance children's developing mental and physical skills in a fun and motivating way.
Martial Mind
Martial Mind (Ages 5-7) is an integrated self-defense and social-emotional learning program.
Juniors Program
Juniors Taekwon-do (Ages 8-12) is a traditional martial arts program with the emphasis of appropriate social behaviors.
Adults Program
Our Adults Program (Ages 13 and up) focuses on traditional Taekwon-do training with a practical, non-competitive and scientific approach.

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